Community Initiatives

You are not alone. It takes a village.

We are focused on helping caregivers understand they are not alone in their caregiving efforts. We assist caregivers through initiatives which includes leveraging partnerships with community-based organizations, experts and others in the caregiving space to help reach and serve more caregivers.

We Are Better Together


Caregivers Club

Through our work, we know firsthand the challenges caregiver’s experience. The Caregivers Club, a partnership with Healthier Boynton Beach and BeWellPBC, is a safe space for caregivers to come to care for one another. Caregivers share experiences and resources, while empowering one another. The Caregivers Club host bi-monthly meetings to engage and check-in on our caregivers and lend a helping hand. Come laugh, cry and be empowered with caregivers just like you.

Dialogue to Change

These sessions are designed to foster vulnerable, growth-minded dialogue between local law enforcement and community members with lived experience with the criminal justice system or law enforcement. This creates space for all voices and facilitating conversations that many are not accustomed to having. We want dialogues that lead to system change by participating in meaningful conversations on relevant issues.


What Our Community Residents Are Saying ....

I am very impressed with the ideas and practical help that healthier Boynton Beach are providing in our community. I have a vast experience of working with local government offices in UK and am most impressed by HBBs ability and adaptability to deliver the service by all means necessary telephone, email, mail, zoom etc. I also find it very easy to get direct access to team members, it’s refreshing to find people so easily accessible and accountable.

Roxanne Halliday

Healthier Boynton Beach has impacted me in ways I can’t explain. The biggest lesson I learn was that you are not alone and you can be the voice that can change your community.

Deandre Searcy

Healthier Boynton Beach has helped me to identify resources that have reduced some the stress that I feel day to day as a caregiver.

Clovis Moodie