In 2013, building on the strong history of working alongside communities and neighborhoods and with a commitment to community engagement, collaboration and inclusion, Palm Health Foundation’s trustees evolved the foundation’s grantmaking approach by launching its community-driven Healthier Together initiative.

Over a five-year period, the foundation has invested $1 million in each of the 6 selected communities to make lasting, sustainable impact around some of the most complex health-related issues affecting residents. Using a collective impact model, the foundation’s strategic shift emphasizes the partnership between the communities and the foundation as the two work hand in hand to build organizational and individual capacities, infrastructure, programming and services.

Palm Health Foundation’s three priority areas for Healthier Together are diabetes prevention and managementbehavioral health and family caregiving (Boynton Beach).


Pathways to Prosperity is a non-profit organization in Boynton Beach dedicated to strengthening the community by providing education and social services to raise school performance for children and increase economic opportunities for families.

Their goal is to ensure that families have what they require to not only survive, but thrive. They offer a wide array of parenting and family education programs and social services to give parents the tools that they need to make sure their children grow up healthy, safe and strong.