Education: Family Care Aware Project

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Available Services:

Connect to Greatness provides family caregiving educational awareness sessions with the organization’s African- American 6th grade youth participating in the Boys to Men Leadership Academy.

The goal of the sessions is to educate our youth on what family caregiving means, identify if they or someone they know have provided care now or in the past to a family member, and to build empathy for other youth who may currently be a caregiver.

In addition, the project is engaging in two service learning projects with community organizations that work with caregiving youth. These service learning projects consist of participating in health or community fairs and events that bring attention to youth caregivers and/or opportunities to participate in shared field experiences (as permitted) with caregiving youth.

Connect to Greatness also provides family caregiving educational awareness sessions to the women participating in the Women of Boys Program, as well as other women in the community. Our aim is to raise awareness of resources and support services available to family members and to limit students from taking on “inappropriate caring roles” as much as possible.

Community Experience:

The organization has created unique learning experiences for youth to collaborate with and learn from a population of youth they may otherwise not be aware of. In addition, women caregivers of Connect to Greatness’s program who may already be caring for a family member have become informed and educated about the available resources and services to support them and their families.

Organization's Mission:

Connect to Greatness, Inc. (C2G) is a non-profit focused on empowering African-American middle school boys in south Palm Beach to become change makers in the world. Through the signature program, The Boys to Men Leadership Academy, youth participate in two 15-week program sessions focused on topics such as leadership, social responsibility, and cultural awareness. The boys are products of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and/or sisters. The Women of Boys Program supports women with building leadership, engaging in advocacy, managing stress and with other topics that are relevant with a goal of empowering them to lift their voices, shift their mind-set and impact change in the community.