Health and Wellness: Caregiving Resource and Learning Center

Available Services:
Caregiving Resource and Learning Center is located in the Boynton Beach City Library, providing caregivers with a collection of information covering the full spectrum of caregiving (youth, adults, disabled, Alzheimer’s, etc.). There are also resources and self-help approaches to improving the mental health of caregivers. The collection has a variety of formats, including regular and large print books, videos, audio and digital platforms. The target audience are the 258 senior clients of the Community Caregiving Center. Each caregiver is given assistance in obtaining a library card and accessing a bibliography of the collection. Some caregivers have received an electronic tablet to get information online.

Community Experience:
Boynton Beach Mental Health Committee was founded in 2014 by Mayor Jerry Taylor and former mayor Woodrow Hay to create public awareness and education. The committee is comprised of mental health professionals, community leaders, educators and advocates, along with 14 partners that provide mental health services across the Boynton Beach community. The committee has distributed mental health information at community health and wellness events, promoted Mental Health First Aid training and conducted education sessions for students to consider mental health related professions.

Organization’s Mission:
Make Boynton Beach a model city for mental health.